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The best place in the world for expats moving to other countries? Spain.

Spain ranks 1st out of 52 in the Quality of Life Index, and no other place offers better Leisure Options (1st). Expats appreciate the opportunities for recreational sports (90% happy vs. 75% globally), as well as the culture and nightlife (85% vs. 67%). A Mexican respondent points out “the availability of cultural events … there’s always something very interesting to do.” More than nine in ten (91%) also praise the culinary variety and dining options (vs. 77% globally).

However, it’s not just the food and the sun — 66% love the climate and weather (vs. 28% globally)! — which delight expats in Spain. They also point out the availability (82% happy vs. 73% globally), affordability (79% vs. 61%), and quality (84% vs. 72%) of healthcare.

Spain’s results in the Travel & Transit (8th) and Environment & Climate (7th) Subcategories are slightly more mixed, though still well above average. Expats enjoy the travel opportunities (93% happy vs. 82% globally) and natural environment (91% vs. 83%). “I appreciate the easy availability of the beach, mountains, and airport!” says a respondent from the US. There’s also a good infrastructure for cars (87% vs. 75%) and for those traveling on foot or by bike (89% vs. 77%).

Overall, Spain only misses out on the top 10 in one of the subcategories. Even then, its 17th place for Safety & Security is not caused by safety concerns (90% happy vs. 81% globally) but rather Spain’s below-average results for political stability (31st).

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