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What if we tell you that finding you dream property is as simple as a mouse click?

We are working hard to make the whole process as easy as it could be, even if you visit us from your laptop, or from your mobile device during your vacation. Portfolio is our next great tool for you. Just start to search for your dream property by clicking on this                                                       and if you see something interesting, just click on the Add to portfolio button. You can select up to 10 properties. If you done, just give us some details about you (including your contacts) and we will do the rest. You can lay back as we working in the background for you. We will contact you 

Portfolio is currently in beta for testing, so you cannot send it to us at the moment. But it will become stable during the next few days. Be prepared.

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And now some details about you...

By clicking the Send button you agree that we will get the details what you shared with as in this form. We will use these data to create accurate property offer to you. After the process closed (either you accept our offer or decline it) we will delete these stored data. All the information about how we collect or store data about you can be found in our Privacy Policy.

All the marked fields (with *) are mandatory.

Before you click on the send button you have to click on the CAPTCHA to proof that this is really from you.

Your list will be here

It looks like you did not add any properties to your portfolio yet.

You can simply select any properties and then you can review them here. Just click on that big blue button above and start searching, it's fun.

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Thank you

Your portfolio has been sent. A copy of it has been sent to your e-mail address also.

One of our colleague will contact you soon about your selected dream properties.

You will be redirected to our main page in 10 seconds (or if you click HERE).

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